Appalachian Carol

Grade 3

String Orchestra Conductor Score & Parts



This setting is of an old Kentucky mountain folk song which was sung as a Christmas carol. Its exact origin is unknown, but it appeared as part of a group of folksongs collected by the great American balladeer John Jacob Niles early in the 20th century.

The character of the piece reminds one of a mystical chant The effectiveness of this somewhat enriched setting depends to a large extent on free tempi and attention to expressive phrasing. Use of upper positions should be encouraged to warm the sound while paying careful attention to dynamics.

The use of harp is essential to the performance of this work, but an electronic keyboard with a harp sound could be used effectively with some careful adjustments. Piano would not be an effective substitute.

Enjoy the melodic contours and rich sonorities present in this piece while keeping in mind its contemplative nature.

Published by: String Instrument Specialists

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