Texas Prep

(Daily Exercises Based on the State Sight-Reading Criteria)

The Texas Prep series is the quintessential daily exercise collection specifically designed to increase sight reading performance and skill! Written by experienced Texas Educators and Composers, this series covers every Key, Rhythm, and Time Signature that you may encounter while sightreading under the state sight reading criteria. Each level in the series is based on the University of Texas at Austin’s University Interscholastic League (UIL) sight-reading criteria for band, and follows a progressive, pedagogic sequence - making Texas Prep the ultimate tool in preparing for sight reading!

Texas Prep Authors

Carol Brittin Chambers
Carol Brittin Chambers

Level I & Level IV

Carol's music is creative and fun for everyone. Her music teaches valuable musical concepts while incorporating unique grooves and memorable melodies.

William Owens
William Owens

Level II & Level V

William Owen's compositional style for young ensembles displays a keen, practical approach which has firmly established him as a leader in the field.

Jason K. Nitsch
Jason K. Nitsh

Level III & Level VI

Jason writes music that is interesting and has an energetic and infectious drive that will appeal to performers and audiences alike.