Trooper’s Tribunal

Edited by Timothy Rhea

Medium-Medium Advanced

Concert Band Conductor Score & Parts


      Trooper's Tribunal - Filmore/Rhea
Texas A&M University Wind Symphony – Timothy Rhea, Conductor


“Trooper’s Tribunal” is a lesser-known Fillmore march that was published in 1905. The “Trooper’s Tribunal” title was a joke in that Fillmore intentionally misspelled “Troupers” so that it would appear as a military parade title (“Troopers on Review”) as opposed to a circus march. This joke resulted from a disagreement between Henry and his father, J.H. Fillmore, who felt that the Fillmore Brothers Company should only publish music of a religious and serious nature. J.H. Fillmore considered the circus to be beneath the dignity of his son. “Trooper’s Tribunal” has a wonderful circus flavor and if full of technical requirements of all band members. It is very much a delightful and happy march. As this is a circus march, a tempo between 132-160 beats per minute is acceptable, with the technique of the ensemble defining what is most appropriate.

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