Trombone Section


Edited by Timothy Rhea

Medium-Medium Advanced

Concert Band Conductor Score & Parts


      Trombone Section March - Chambers/Rhea
Texas A&M University Wind Symphony – Timothy Rhea, Conductor


The title of this march, The Trombone Section, is rather misleading, for it is not the trombones that have the most technical parts, but rather the trumpets and upper woodwinds. Composed in 1920, the opening of the march makes a great concert opener. A bold and technical fanfare is followed by a more relaxed, yet still technical first strain, which is in turn followed by a very driving second strain. The trio features a wonderful obligato scored in first trumpet and woodwinds, while the trombones carry the melodic material. The march works well as various tempos between 108 and 144 beats per minute depending upon the technical facility of the ensemble.

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