American Heritage Suite II

Grade 3

String Orchestra Conductor Score & Parts



Welcome to early America! Flop-eared Mule is a schottische and has been a favorite of fiddlers through the years. Schottische is German for Scottish and is similar to a polka but played slower.

Ridin’ is Bob Matthew’s original composition with a swinging bass line for cellos and a pretty country theme for upper strings.

The last section of the suite combines two tunes, The Arkansas Traveller and Buffalo Gals, played separately, then together. The first was supposed to represent a man’s experience traveling on foot through Arkansas. The tune became so popular that it came West with the westward expansion. Buffalo Gals was first sung by minstrels who changed it to “New York Gals” or “Philadelphia Gals”, depending on the theatre they were playing. It has since become one of the most popular and most parodied American songs.

The composer dedicates American Heritage Suite II to the Wyoming Centennial, 1890-1990.

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