An Olympic Trilogy

Grade 2.5

String Orchestra Conductor Score & Parts



The thematic fragments on which this work is based all come from the traditional culture of the Northwest Coast Indians. These First Peoples were intimate with the mountains and beaches of the Olympic Peninsula in what is now Washington, and legends surrounding these locations are an important part of their folklore.

An Olympic Trilogy attempts to capture mental images of three of my favorite locations in the Olympics and view them with the eyes of the First Peoples by utilizing their songs and dances. The three short movements should be played without pause.

The Valley of the Silent Men is a remote area in the eastern Olympics where the climbers’ trail to the peaks known as “The Brothers” leaves Lena Lake and winds through a dark valley populated only by enormous trees.

Shi-Shi (pronounced “Shy-Shy’) is one of many remote beaches on the Pacific side of the Olympics. Located almost at the northwest corner of the forty-eight contiguous states, its wide sandy expanses are flanked by seastacks, rocks and headlands that shelter an amazing diversity of marine and land life (including wolves and coyotes.) Often shrouded in fog and mist, the beach carries an air of mystery with it.

The multi-summitted massif of Mount Olympus is one of the most elusive views in the Olympics. It can only be seen from within the park, and then usually after an arduous trek on any of several hiking routes. One must expend effort if one is to experience “the place of the Gods.”

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