A Nocturne for Flute

Grade 2

Flute Solo



Morocco is an attempt by the composer, Caesar Giovannini, to capture in music the sound and the feeling of North Africa. The work was part of the musical score written for a documentary television film based on the life and work of the celebrated French painter, Henri Matisse. The Orienty provided much inspiration for Matisse, and paintings of this period provided Giovannini with inspiration during the composition of Morocco.

The work was originally composed for alto flute; however, at a later date, Giovannini felt that the scope of the composition would be enlarged by adding a transcription for “C” flute. With the exception of several places where the range of the “C” flute had to be considered, the transcription remains very devoted to the original alto flute.

Morocco is sensuous and should be performed with much feeling and expression.

Instrumentation: C Flute or Alto Flute

Published by: Dorabet Music Company

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