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Saxophone Quartet



Dream was written to seem simple to the ears, but do not. let that fool you. As I was creating this work for saxophone quartet, I strove to keep things rhythmically interesting and energetic, especially to the players. I wrote this piece under the inspiration of a common goal a group has, and the process they go through to reach that goal. The baritone line that repeats multiple times is replicating the constant reminder of staying focused in order to accomplish something. The spurratic rythymic interruptions and inflections are to identify the “bumps in the road,” that all intentions are accompanied with. The melodies in this piece change, but stay rhythmically the same for the most part. This piece should be enjoyable to learn and perform, and sounds fun, too. Despite my lack of experience with writing for chamber ensembles, writing this piece has aided me in many other ways besides saxophone quartet, and this newfound art of writing for these groups has inspired me to continue writing for them in many different fashions.

Dream is dedicated to Mr. Gabe Musella Director of Bauds at Spring High School, for his never ending support and mentorship.

Instrumentation: 2 Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone

Published by: RBC Publications

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