The Journey of Yan Si Meng

Grade 4

Concert Band Conductor Score & Parts

(Grade 4)



The Journey of Yan Si Meng has three distinct sections and a coda. Large brass chords open the work immediately leading to the introduction of an energetic rhythmic device in the third measure. This motive serves as a unifying element throughout the piece. The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen melody is heard first in its original form harmonized in fifths, and then in augmentation decorated with fragments of its own B theme. The recorder explores one of these fragments in a brief cadenza before the music is off and running again to set up a 7/8 “dance” permutation. This section winds down in 3/4 time, briefly recalls earlier motives, and ends with a bang! The Song of the Crow supplies the simple melody that is set for solo recorder and flute choir. The second phrase for low brass choir utilizes thick chords to create a lush texture. This gives way to a brief canonic version segueing into two-bar declamatory statements from the recorder, flute choir, and full ensemble. The tenor drum ostinato introduces the final tune Silver Boat Moon. Tenor voices boldly sound the melody over a brilliant background of flutes and sleigh bells. The ensuing section utilizes trios of instruments set in stretto. At Letter S, the coda begins with an augmentation of The Song of the Crow while fragments of the other two songs flash in and out of the texture. The opening rhythmic motive and the 7/8 version of The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen are briefly recalled bringing the work to an optimistic close.

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