Variations on a Danish Folk Song – Full Score

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The folk song on which this composition is based is translated: “Out of the Deep, Dark, Quiet of the Forest.” It begins with a brief fanfare, based on the first three notes of the folk song. Then enters the first thematic statement, reflecting the translation with smooth, rich orchestration, with clarinet melody in the lowest octave. Then comes a full band orchestration, again with rich full colors. Three cadenzas follow, again based on the first three notes of the folk song, by bassoon, alto saxophone and flute. Technical demands are limited and there are plenty of cross-cueings in insure the playability of the cadenzas. The percussion introduces the next variation which is repeated twice. Contrapuntal lines are added with each repeat in march-like fashion. Another brief flute cadenza interlude preceeds the final allegro variation which features the tune in an augmented manner.

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